Recently in my graduation project, I was looking at the effect of capitalism on climate change. (I just finished my MA in Experience Design at Srishti Bangalore).
The more I read about it, the more I realize how I feel so strongly shaped / pushed in every way due to this requirement to grow up, hold a good job and make money. In an attempt to do something super fun, this is my brave declaration to the planet that I vow to make 10 pieces of art, by 5th June.
I'd probably only be able to give 30 minutes a day, so please be gentle dear reader.
Day 1
In this painting (followed from a tutorial on Jay Lee Painting) I started to see how 'watercolour painting' works. I don't think growing up, I had noticed this but I understand its more about moderating water than paint. It was a fun experience!
Day 2
In this painting (followed from a tutorial on Jay Lee Painting) I tried to also imagine a real rose flower, 2-3 days after having bloomed and picked out. Art is certainly not easy to capture!
Day 3
A tutorial of AhmadArt, this was pretty complicated for me. I tried XD
Day 4
Followed a tutorial of Makkoccino to make this! Reminds of when we find those quick moments to just stop and look at the sky around us!
Day 5
An attempt to paint feathers, aided by the youtuber Makoccino. I feel like I'm slowly starting to understand the principles of water colour painting

Day 6
I love flowers! and I came across this youtube video where different flowers were being painted. Hence day 6 and 7 were about that. Credits go to Shayda Campbell

Day 7
My love of flowers continued!! Credits go to Shayda Campbell

Day 8
Drawing butterflies is something I do absent-mindedly a lot. I tried to paint it this time
Day 9
More butterflies I drew.. yaay!
Day 10
Day 10 was about making a bookmark type output.
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